I am actively looking for old members of

1 Topo Troop

in particular

Mike Pooley seen below on Bukit Dema in Sarawak c1965

I last saw Mike at Chepstow in 1968


Peter Mansell on the right in this photo with Norman Brindle & Andy Thomas

Peter was from the Birmingham area & I last saw him in 1973 at SMS.


Brian Worthington who was in the REME.


Chris Cobon also REME. now Found


Keith (Geordie) Carr now Found and John (Red) Redford seen below flanking Andy Thomas at Kapit 1966

both Geordie & Red were also in Thailand with the Troop


Others whom we are still looking for

Bud Moon now Found last seen 1965 at Hermitage

Jim (Sid) Hoyland, thought to be in Saudi

Bob Wells, now Found heard of working for a instrument supplier

Mick Lelliot

"Shady" Lane

Pete Simmonds

Chris Moorhouse now Found

Frank Smith

All were with 1 Topo Troop during the survey to connect Malaya & Thailand 1967-1968


To anyone interested in joining the Survey Branch


I would be grateful if anyone with knowledge of their whereabouts could let me know at

albie1 at