A note for any ex Royal Engineers from the Survey Service.


There is now a national branch of the Royal Engineers Association for ex Military surveyors formed in the year 2000 


Military Survey (Geographic) Branch
Royal Engineers Association


There are at present over 400 members ranging in rank when serving from Sapper to Major General.

Their careers cover the years about 1930 to the present day.

An AGM is held normally at Hermitage, four newsletters are published each year.

Every third year the AGM is combined with a major reunion.


All Royal Engineer Survey Service personnel are welcome.

The annual subscription is 8

If not a REA life member subscriptions to the REA are also required.


There is also now a Branch Web Site http://survey-branch-rea.co.uk


Any interested should initially contact me at

albie1 at albiefield.co.uk

I will forward the enquiry to the Honorary Secretary.