Photos from the 1960s

The majority of the photos in this section were taken by and catalogued by

Brian "Nanga" Houldershaw

Most of the text has come from his "DesignWorks" presentations.

I am very grateful to him for the permission given to use them in this presentation.

Kuching photos
1st Division

Satok & Santubong
1st Division


Pending Survey
1st Division
1st Division
Andrew Thomas's

Sibu 3rd division


Nanga Gaat
3rd Division


The Pelagus Rapids
3rd Division


Bukit Mersing
3rd division


Bukit Tasu
3rd Division


Bukit Dema
3rd division


Bukit Robertson
3rd Division


3rd Division

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overall View of trigs around Nanga Gaat

Inclined view


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Technical notes.

Brian supplied the photographs in JPEG format at high resolution from Adobe PhotoShop and the DesignWorks presentations

I used a combination of copy & paste, typing and a macro to put the required text into the summary of the JPEG files ( found by right clicking on the file selecting properties followed by summary, a example is shown below)

The next stage was to use the batch processing methods in Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0 to copy converted jpeg files to a new folder changing the resolution to 72DPI for use on the web.

Once again Adobe PhotoShop Elements 2.0 was used to produce a web gallery with an HTM file for each photograph.

To save more copying and pasting I wrote a Pascal routine to copy the text earlier put in the properties to the HTM file.

The main index file for each section was then edited in Microsoft FrontPage to include views from Google Earth and positional data scaled from maps in the case of the Trig stations.

 Microsoft FrontPage was then used to publish the files to a server at UKHOST4U.